Rubber caps

Rubber caps for chairs and conical caps

We offer rubber caps available in different sizes and for different uses.

Rubber caps for chairs or tables, and other uses

Rubber cap for forged chairs and tables. These caps are manufactured from 60 Sha black rubber. All cap sizes are given in the following table:

Rubber caps for forgedd chairs and tables

Br. Name A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm Pack (peace)
1 Rubber caps 60 52 4 10 65 50
2 Rubber caps 30 25 3 9 35 50

Use : Rubber caps specially designed for forged chairs and tables

Round rubber caps for tables and chairs

Round rubber caps are primarily used for legs of tables and chairs with circular cross-section. They can be used for sealing various other pipes depending on the external diameter of the pipe. They are manufactured in black colour, with the possibility of manufacturing in different colours depending on the quantity. .

Rounded (conical) rubber caps for chairs and tables
No. Name A mm B mm C mm
1 Round rubber caps 21 31 33
2 Round rubber caps 31 41 45
3 Round rubber caps 25 35 40

Rounded rubber caps
No. Name A mm B mm C mm D mm
1 Round rubber caps 22 18 16 11
2 Round rubber caps 85 50 75 40
3 Round rubber caps 32 40 22 31
4 Round rubber caps 32 58 22 50

Use: Caps for chairs and tables; these caps can also be used for pipes of different sizes, stilts, crutches and other.

Rubber cap for piggy banks

Rubber caps for "Piggy banks". We offer one standard size of this cap. The sizes are given in the following table..

Rubber caps for piggy banks

No. Name A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm Pack
1 Rubber caps 37 4 25 27 1 50 peaces

Use: Rubber caps for "Piggy banks".