"DEMAX" sole-proprietor company was established in June, 2009. Its primary business is the production and wholesale of rubber, metal and plastic components for buses and coaches - spare parts and primary mount components.The items in our offer can be classified into three categories:

Demax company - best rubber parts
  • Production of rubber components from our own program
  • Production of components on demand
  • Services

DEMAX Company manufactures rubber, metal and plastic components. The product list includes a wide spectre of rubber-based products of different hardness, colour, mechanical and other properties. We can manufacture parts of different shapes at Your request.

We manufacture rubber components on UNIVERSAL hydraulic presses. We also use two 50-ton and 10-ton eccentric presses for manufacturing different parts from sheet metal both for our use and on our customers' demand.

When it was first established, the primary business activity of DEMAX CO was production of components for IKARBUS and NEOBUS buses and coaches for in-the-factory installation, as well as spare parts. During the past 9 years, we have expanded our activities to other industries including meat processing, catering, rubber industry and others.

The bus components from our product lists include:

Rubber parts for bus industry
  • Stabillizer rubber
  • Protective caps
  • Air pillow fender
  • Plastic support panels (for bus doors)
  • Bus door stopper
  • Radiator holders
  • Rubber metal clamps
  • Rubber grommets (for installations on the chassis and others)

More than 8 years long tradition and experience in rubber industry!!!

Demax company - Plucker fingers

During the past 9 years, we have adapted our producton program to various demands of the market, so our product list today includes products which are used in other industries such as milking equipment components,components for waterworks and other rubber, metal and plastic products of universal use, as well as rubber-metal components.

For a very short period of time we managed to establish cooperation with a vast number of domestic and foreign companies. In 2010, we established cooperation with VITREX CO from Croatia- one of the leading companies on the Balkans in the field of manufacturing milking equipment. Since then, our product list has included milking equipment for cows,goats and sheep as well as spare components for VITREX machines. Apart from companies from Croatia, in 2012 we established cooperation with two companies from Italy who conduct business in the shipbuilding industry. Due to these partnerships, 30% of our production is aimed at export to foreign markets.

All products are top quality, with a lomg-term guarantee.


"DEMAX" is a developing company which aims for satisfying the needs of modern industries and upgrading the work process.


Our goal for the year of 2018 is to extend the export capacity of our products by 20% as well as to upgrade our production technologies.

Ex center press for punching and piercing metal Hidraulic press Univerzal 70 t Raw rubber mixing machine Punching and piercing mould