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Biodegradable grafting bands

Biodegradable grafting bands are used for grafting grapevine, fruit and decorative plants. The main characteristic of these bands is high elasticity which does not disturb the growth of the grafted plant. Within 20 to 30 days (depending on the temperature of the environment) the bands decompose completely and therefore do not pollute the environment.

The bands are made of natural rubber (NR) in dark red colour.

Size: 150 mm long, 5 mm wide, cca 0.5-0.6 mm thick

Packaging : Grafting bands are shipped to retail stores in standard packages of 100 gr. There is also a possibility of shipments in different package weights at customers' request (0.5 kg, 1kg, 5kg and more).

Rubber plucking fingers (Pluckers for fine plucking)
medium size

Rubber plucking fingers
Pluckers for fine plucking

Use: Rubber chicken plucking fingers of medium size are used for home-made chicken plucking equipment, and they can also be used in bigger buthers' shops for fine plucking.

Rubber fenders for ships and ports

Rubber fenders for ships and ports

Used for docks and ports. The fender absorbs impact on docking of ships and boats. It can also be used for other purposes. It is manufactured from natural rubber and sheet metal (s275) 12mm thick.

Rubber fenders for ships and ports

New product in our offer !!!
Rubber fender is primarily used for mounting on docks. It absorbs impact on docking of ships and boats.

Rubber fingers for plucking chickens (chicken pluckers)

Rubber fingers for plucking poultry are manufactured from natural rubber (NR) of high elasticity in black colour. We offer two types: for regular and fine plucking. The pluckers are manufactured at the standard hardness of 55 Sha. we also offer the possibility of producing different varieties on customers'demand.

Rubber-metal plates (rings)

Rubber metal plates
Rubber metal plates - drawing

Kat. Broj A B C D E F G
GMP-001 50 16,5 18 12 15 1 1
GMP-002 36 16,5 18 8 11 1 1

Use: Joining element used in high frequency and vibrating machines and motors.